Your Health

We are very grateful to all our patients who have so responsibly adapted to the social isolation requirements of the COVID19 pandemic. This has been a great effort and the results have shown minimal pandemic disease in our community.

However, we also want you not to ignore your other health needs. There is evidence that the social isolation can result in other important health matters being ignored or not attended to.

It is safe to attend the medical practice if you have health concerns. We have procedures in place to ensure that your attendance is secure. Similarly, we are providing full pathology services with appropriate infection control procedures.

In addition telephone consultations remain available if you wish to discuss health matters with your doctor or nurse.

We have provided extra appointments so that all your health concerns can be addressed. There are appointments available with your doctor either face to face or by phone. We continue to be open 7 days a week.

So we look forward to seeing you soon.