Patient Feedback Survey 2020

We have recently completed our three yearly patient survey. This is necessary to meet accreditation requirements but more importantly for us to ensure that we continue to provide a high level of service and care to our valued patients.

We thank everyone who participated in the survey, especially during the current pandemic which has created social isolation and the stress of uncertainty, financial hardship and home schooling. Despite these obstacles we were able to complete a comprehensive survey.

Again, we overall perform better than most practices. This continues to be a pleasing and consistent result.

In some areas we have improved. After hours service has been rated better. This is in part due to our extended hours and being the only local practice that consistently is open 7 days a week apart from the main public holidays. This year we were open every day over Easter.

Ease of making appointments has also improved. This is due to having more appointments available and expanding our online booking facility. Our HotDoc messaging service has also improved our communication capability.

Waiting time for appointments however remains a consistent concern for many. Whilst we try and accommodate emergencies in our appointment schedule, there are times when unexpected but necessary delays occur to manage more urgent situations. We appreciate that your time is valuable and do our best to minimize disruption. We have more doctors and more appointments available to deal with emergencies. However, it still remains a concern. All our staff continue to work on ways to improve time management.

Cost of attending can also be an issue, especially at this most challenging time. We are aware of the hardships currently experienced by many in our community. To assist we are providing many telephone consultations that are bulk billed and this also assists the necessary maintenance of social isolation.

The pandemic has given all of us an extraordinary challenge and its ending is unknown. We thank you for all for your patience with us as we strive to meet our responsibility of keeping you as well as possible. Despite the extra challenges we will continue to maintain and aspire to improve the quality of care we provide to our valued patient community.