Spring News 2015

Expansion Begins!

Finally after much anticipation, the planned expansion and development of Mornington Coastal Medical Centre begins.

Within the new building, allied health services will be located and possibly specialist consulting rooms.

We will have 3 extra consulting rooms to for expanded Nursing and GP consultations. This should allow us to offer extra consulting times at weekends and evenings. Further details will be provided later.

We are very excited about the development. It will allow us to provide more extensive services and become an even more comprehensive family medical service for Mornington.

Further updates about the project will be posted.


In Other News

Dr Christopher Hughes has been working with us for some time now and has been a very welcome addition to our GP services, especially during a long and cold winter where flu viruses were rampant. Chris is originally from New Zealand and still after more than 20 years still struggles to understand the finer points of AFL!

It is more than 3 years since we became an accredited training practice for the next generation of GPs. We have enjoyed this new role and especially having Dr Phebe Kok who has been a most popular and capable member of our team. With the expanded building we will in 2016 have more GP registrars. We enjoy their energy and youth and the fresh skills and expertise they provide